Other Services


Pack Up & Storage Services

Some restoration projects require that contents and furnishings be cleaned off of the premises. With our packout service, items will be inventoried, packed and safely transported to our climate-controlled warehouse. There they will be cleaned, restored, deodorized, repacked, and stored until restoration is complete.


Emergency Board Up Services

When fire, vandalism, weather damage, vehicle crashes or other damage puts your property at a security or liability risk, you can count on us to secure your residence or building rapidly and confidently.  As a leader in disaster response, insurance companies and adjusters, local firefighters, police and our satisfied customers continually recommend our services.

General Contracting Services

At ServiceMaster Restore of Western Newfoundland, whether you are having an insurance emergency at your home or commercial property where you need peace of mind that a quality job will be done in a timely manner, or you are thinking of renovating your basement into the sports room of your dreams, we have the expertise to handle your every need.

Some of the services that we offer as part of our general contracting services include:

  • Painting & Plastering
  • Restoration construction
  • Room addition
  • Siding replacement, sheetrock installation
  • Tiling, flooring and hardwood floor installation
  • Kitchen and bathroom Remodelling
  • Window and doors replacement
  • Dry rot replacement and termite repairs
  • Plumbing and piping repairs
  • Electrical repairs and upgrades
  • Foundation replacement
  • Roofing repairs and replacement
  • Decks, fences, patio, stairs


Best Practices

At ServiceMaster Restore of Western Newfoundland we feel that preventative maintenance hints will always benefit homeowners; hopefully avoiding emergencies or, at least minimizing the impact.  With this in mind, here are a few 'best practices' that may be of use:

  • keep your chimney clean to avoid chimney fires or backdrafts that cause either fire or smoke damage,or both
  • secure and drain your garden hose faucet in the Fall to prevent freezing and rupturing into your home
  • keep your gutters and roof valleys clear of leaves and debris to lessen the chance of ice damming; keeping snow clear of your eaves wlll also decrease the chance
  • familiarize responsible members of the family with the main water shutoff or any isolation valves that are established
  • familialize responsible members of the family with the electrical panel to cut power the hot water tank, electric range, furnace, etc.  Always use caution especially in a water damage
  • in periods of extended absences, have someone check your home; most insurance companies require it anyway
  • keep your grounds clear of large trees that may be in risk of falling in high winds; or even cause root damage to your septic system or your foundation
  • replace the plastic refrigerator water lines with a durable flex-type line
  • store basement content items either on shelving or on pallets (unfinished)